Temporary Work Permit

According to International Labor Law, number 6735, Dated 13/8/2016, enforced and published in the Official Journal (number 29800); foreigners assesed and granted a work permit, on the basis that employment or service contracts dates are not exceeded and on the condition that from the date of grant work permits are only valid for no more than year;  must provide documentation from a specific employer, corporation, state institution, or other, within the specified area.

In the case that applications for extension of work permits are accepted, the applicant; on the condition that the same employment is by the same same employer, can only extend the work permit for no more than two years, and therafter no more than for three years. However, should the applicant be employed by a different employer applications will be assesed based on article number 7 paragraph one.


Indefinite Work Permit

Foreigners who have a long term residence permit or posses a legal work permit for at least eight years are eligable to apply for an indeifite work permit. However, this does not imply that the conditions to these rights are absolute.

Foreigners who posses an indefinite work permit are eligable to all the legals rights of long term residence permits. Foreigners who posses an indefinite work permit, apart from special statutes, are entitled to the reserved rights of social security and using these rights are subject to the provided legislation provisions.


Independent Work Permit

On the condition that the specified conditions are meet; foreigners who belong to proffesional groups, can attain an independent work permits.

Independent work permits will be assesed persuant to the Inertnational Labor Policy and foreigners will be assesed in areas such as; education level, work experience, contribution to science and technology; foreign company partners must follow advisement and considerations made by the International Labor Policy Committee and Ministry.

Independent work permits must be arranged periodically.