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Turkish Citizenship

In general, Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport can be obtained in several ways, some of which fall under the investment item, others fall under the lineage item, in addition to other situations through which you can obtain Turkish citizenship.

1) Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment
This includes:

  1. Owning real estate of more than $250,000 provided not selling it for 3 years.
  2. Depositing $500,000 at least in a Turkish bank for 3 years.
  3. Investing in Turkey with a capital of $500,000 at least.
  4. Hiring 50 Turkish citizens.

2) Obtaining Turkish citizenship through the lineage

  1. Marrying a Turkish national for 3 years.
  2. Proofing lineage to Turkish origins through an Ottoman document for example, or another approved proof.
  3. Through adoption, in case a child under the legal age is adopted by a Turkish citizen.

3) Other situations for obtaining Turkish citizenship

  1. Residence in Turkey with a 5-years work permit period
  2. Exceptional nationality which is usually granted to certain people like those with university certificate of who came to Turkey and live in it.

Investment By Property

Turkish law allows all foreign real persons to purchase real estate in Turkey. Previously, foreign real persons could only purchase real estate in Turkey if their own country allowed Turkish citizens to purchase real estate there.

While each property has its own specific considerations and requirements which may affect the procedures for acquisition, this article provides an overview of the general process and procedures for foreign buyers purchasing real estate in Turkey. The article also outlines common document requirements, fees and taxes involved.

Turquoise Card

In accordance with the International Labor Policy; applicants who contribute to the country via investment or business and increase employement, within the scopes of; education levels, work experience, science and technology, and hereby follow the correct procedures and principles with adisement by the Ministry and with the advice of the International Labor Policy Advisory can apply and be granted a Turkuaz Card.

The Turkuaz Card is granted with a transition period of three years. Within the three years the Ministry may require documentation with regards to the business activities carried out by the applicant. Persuant to article 15, those whose transition Turkuaz Cards are not cancelled will then go on to recieve a permanant Turkuaz Card. For applications of a permanant Turkuaz Card applicants must have stayed within the country for at least one hundred and eighty days and must be attained before the expiry date of the card. Those who make applications after this period will be denied their applications and the Turkuaz Card will be cancelled.

Subject to the laws;  spouses and dependant children of foreigners who hold a Turkuaz Card will be given a document stating the family relationship to the card holder and will be registered at their local civil registry.

Foreigners who hold a Turkuaz Card, by Legal Regulation, are entitled the same rights as those who hold a work permit.

The implementation of Turkuaz Card will be evaluated and assesed based on the criterias that those who apply are prominent within the fieds of internationally recognised academia, science, industrial and technological, export, employement or investment to the strategic benefit and economy of the country.

Foreigners who are under temporary protection are not convered by these provisions.

Work Permit

According to International Labor Law, number 6735, Dated 13/8/2016, enforced and published in the Official Journal (number 29800); foreigners assesed and granted a work permit, on the basis that employment or service contracts dates are not exceeded and on the condition that from the date of grant work permits are only valid for no more than year;  must provide documentation from a specific employer, corporation, state institution, or other, within the specified area.

In the case that applications for extension of work permits are accepted, the applicant; on the condition that the same employment is by the same same employer, can only extend the work permit for no more than two years, and therafter no more than for three years. However, should the applicant be employed by a different employer applications will be assesed based on article number 7 paragraph one.

Foreigners who have a long term residence permit or posses a legal work permit for at least eight years are eligable to apply for an indeifite work permit. However, this does not imply that the conditions to these rights are absolute.
Foreigners who posses an indefinite work permit are eligable to all the legals rights of long term residence permits. Foreigners who posses an indefinite work permit, apart from special statutes, are entitled to the reserved rights of social security and using these rights are subject to the provided legislation provisions.

Independent Work Permit

On the condition that the specified conditions are meet; foreigners who belong to proffesional groups, can attain an independent work permits.

Independent work permits will be assesed persuant to the Inertnational Labor Policy and foreigners will be assesed in areas such as; education level, work experience, contribution to science and technology; foreign company partners must follow advisement and considerations made by the International Labor Policy Committee and Ministry.

Independent work permits must be arranged periodically.

Family Residence Permit

Family residence permits have been organised according to the Foreign and International Protection Law, articles 34 and 37.Also the Implemenation of Foreign and International Protection Law Regulations have been regulated in article 30 and 34 of the Manuel.

Which Foreigners can Family Residence Permits be Organised for?

Those who are within the scope of the Turkish Citezenship Law number 5901, article 28, or foreigners who hold one of any residence permits and refugees and those who are protected by the secondary statute;

  1. Foreign spouse,
  2. Their own or their spouse’s minor foreign child,
  3. Their own or their spouse’s dependent child,

Family Residence permits can be organised.

In the event that foreigners who apply for family residence permitand have more than one spouse, only one of the spouse will be granted a family residence permit. However, all of the applicant’s children will be granted a familt residence permit.

For children family residence permit requests who have applications outside of our country then consent of both parents must be attained.

A family residence permit allows a child to the right of education, primary and middle school up to the age of eigthteen years, without a student residence permit.

Humanitarian Residence Permit

Humanitary residence permits are organised according to Foreign and International Protection Law, article 46 and 47. Likewise these permits are organised according to Foreign and International Proetction Law Regulations Guide, article 44.

For which foreigners can humanitary residence permits be organised for?

-When it is in the best interest and high benefit of the child,

-For foreigners who are subject to deportation, or entry into Turkey has been court prohibited, or when exiting Turkey has not been enforced or if exiting Turkey is not advisable or possible,

-Persuant to Law number 55; foreigners who do ot have a deportation requirement,

-Persuant to Law number 53, articles 72 and 77, when a judicial processed has been made,

-If the applicant’s first and third choice of country for asylum status applicantion is stil in active process,

-In the event of an emergency: if the foreigner is seen fit; taking into consideration the country’s best interest in regards to public order and safety and so long as the foreigner does not impose any threat to the country and that there are no other obstacle for granting a residence permit; the granting of other residence permits are possible.

-In paramount sitiuations,

Humanitary residence permits can be organised.

Student Residence Permit

Student residence permits have been organised according to the Foreign and International Protection Law, articles 38 and 41. Likewise these permits are organised according to Foreign and International Proetction Law Regulations Guide, articles 35 and 39.

Which foreigners can apply for a student residence permit?

-Foreigner who do not have a family residence permit and are seeking primary and middle school educations (those who have a family residence permit, up until the age of 18, may proceed with with their primary or middle school education without a student residence permit. However those who are 18 yeasrs and over anda re stil in middle school must attain a student residence permit).

-A student residence permit can be organised for foreigners who are in education levels such as; higher education, undergraduate, post graduate, masters, doctorate, specialist medical education (TUS), specialist dentistry (DUS).

Student residence permit allows the permit holder the right to be supporter for family residence permits for only the spouse and child. It does not permit legal rights for any other family member.

Long Term Residence Permit

Long term residence permits have been organised according to the Foreigner ve International Protection Law, number 6458, article 42 and 45. Also, has been organised according to the Foreigner and International Protection Law Reference Guide articles 40 and 43.

Which foreigners can apply for a long term residence permit?

-Those who have continously lived in Turkey for at least eight years or those who have abided by the conditions Migration Policy Committee; with the apporval of the Ministry can be granted a long term residence permit.

-Refugee, or provisory refugree and secondary protected status holders and humanitary residence permit owners and those who are temporarily protected, do have the right to transition to a long term residence permit.

Short Term Residence Permit

Short term residence permits have been organised according to the Foreigner ve International Protection Law, number 6458, article 31 and 33. Also, has been organised according to the Foreigner and International Protection Law Reference Guide articles 28 and 29.

Which Foreigner can attain a Short Term Residence Permit?

  • Those who apply for the purpose of research;
  • Foreigners who have real estate;
  • Foreigners who have business alliances or intend to start a business;
  • Foreigners who will attend On-the-job training training;
  • Foreigners who apply for the purpose of student exchange programs or similiar purposes to educational institues that have an angreement with the Republic of Turkey;
  • Foreigners who stay for the purpose of tourism;
  • Foreigners who are carry illnesses that qualify as a threat to public safety and on the condition that they will seek treatment;
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