Citizenship By Investment

As of 18.09.2018 and the 106th ruling by the President, Turkish Citizenship Law 5901, article 12, for the stated Law İmplementation regarding the 20th article of the Regulation, reformes have been made; where for certain amounts of investments non-citizens are now provided with the ablity to obtain Turkish citizenship.

In this context:

  • At least 500,000 USD or the equivelant in other currency or equivalent capital assest/s in Turkish Lira with a relevant conformity certificate from the Ministry of İndustry and Technology,
  • At least 250,000 USD or the equivalent is Turkish Lira or the equivalent in non-movable capital assest, that must be recorded to the land registry with a deed restriction and unsellable for three years, with a relevant certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning,
  • A relevant certificate from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security stating that you employee at least 50 people or more,
  • At least 500,000 USD or the equivalent in other currency or the Turkish Lira equivalent in a deposit account in a bank in Turkey, with a relevant certificate from a Banking Regualtion and Supervision agency, stating that the deposited monies will be held in the account for three years.
  • At least 500,000 USD or the equivalent in purchased Government internal public debt, with a certificate from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, stating that you will hold it for three years.
  • At least 500,000 USD or the equivalent in Turkish Lira in real estate funds or venture capital funds, with a certificate from the Stock Exchange Board, stating that you will not sell for three years.

For Foreign Investors we provide;

  • An accelerated and efficient process for those trying to attain Turkish Citizenship,
  • During the process for applications of residence permits (6458-31/J) applying for Turkish Citizenships, assistance, consultation and application follow-up services are provided,
  • Efficient and reliable ‘Customer Service Advisors’ will provide high quality service,
  • For foreign investors who do not have a conformity certificate, arrangements and communications with the relevant departments and follow-thrus are apart of our services.

Attaining Turkish Citizenship Under Exceptional Circumstances

Persuant to Turkish Citizenship Law 5901, article 12; in such circumstances where foreigners do not pose a threat to national security and public order, prerequisites  to attain a Turksih Citizenship that are presented by the Ministry, regardless of other conditions, are  generally accepted with the pre-approval from the Council of Ministers.

Applicable Law Article

According to Turkish Citizenship Law 5901, clause 12:

(1) Turkish citizenship is attainable by foreigners; for applications that are presented by the Ministry and aproved by the Council of Ministers, so long as they do not pose a threat to National security and public order; as stated below.

  1. For those who have, or intend to bring, paramount services from areas such as industrial facilities, or scientific, technological, social, economical, sportive, cultural, artistic to Turkey and can provide documents to the relevant ministries.
  2. The Foreigners and İnternational Protection Law dated 4/4/2013, law number 6458, article 31, 1st clause, (j) sub-clause states that this includes those with residence permits and those who hold a turkuaz card and their foreign spouses, their own and spouse’s adult children or dependent children.
  3. Those who are seen as imperative to be given citizenship.

Documents required for Application

  1. Application Form (VAT-4)
  2. Two, 50x60mm sized biometric photos ,on a white background, that can be read from a machine that has been determined by the ICAO.
  3. A passport belonging to the applicant indicating which nations citizen they belong to, or other document of the same nature. İf they are not a citizen of any country documents of proof to this nature.
  4. Certificate of marital status, if married a marriage certificate, if divorced a divorce certificate, if widowed the death certificate of the deceased spouse.
  5. A birth or identity register certificate presenting the identity of the applicant, if married or has children a certificate presenting the family identity or documents of this nature.
  6. İf the applicant does not have documents stating birth date, as day-month and year, they can provide a document from the relevant authorised department from their country; in the event that this document is provided then applicants must accept and sign that their application is taken via the Civil Registry Service Act no. 5490, article 39.
  7. A reciept indicative of service fees paid to the Treasury cashier.

Application Department and the Process

With written authority from the Ministry, for foreigners applying for Turkish Citizenchip via exceptional circumstances who reside in Turkey, will be assessed and followed up through the Office of the Governer in the particular city in which they reside. For those who reside outside of Turkey a dossier will be opened and followed up via our consultants.

Applications made via postal services will not be accepted.

For those who are not of adult age or those who do not have the power of discernment must have parents or guardians apply for them.

Applications will be dated from the date that applications and documents are recieved.

Formal documents recieved from foreign departments will be certified according to the Civil Registry Service Act, article167.

Foreigners who wish to attain Turkish Citizenship must have their foreign documents, ie, diploma, passport etc, Turkish notary certified and translated via authorised Turkish translators.

If required residence permits originals can be certified at their provinsial directorate in the city to which their permits belongs.

Citizenship By Birthright

Attaining citizenship via birthright can be obtained in two ways: Citizenship via birthright, paternity or directly on the basis of birthplace. Citizenship via birthplace is legally attained immediatly.

1- With paternity:

Citizenships attained via paternity, is the declaration that at the time of birth there is a paternal relationship to one of the parents, to whom is a Turkish citizen.

To attain paternal citizenship, it is sufficient that at the time of birth only one of the parents are required to be a Turkish citizen,  the other parent can be a citizen of a different country and this will not prevent the attainment of Turkish citizenship.

2- On the basis of birth place:

For those who are born in Turkey, and paternal relationships can not be established, or the parent is not a citizen of any other country, or for the reason of national laws the child can not attain citizenship for any other country or for reasons a like, they will be granted Turkish citizenship from the birth onwards.

Child who has been in Turkey will be regarded as born in Turkey, if his/her born outside of Turkey is not accurate. For children who are minors and can not verbalise/Express themselves will be granted a law officer or will be forwarded to the relevant department with the correct paperwork explaining the situation  in order to be assesed and registared to the place at the civil registry within the area they are at.

Citizenship By Birthright